Fraud Litigation & Asset Recovery

You invested in what appeared to be a business opportunity but it turned out to be a scam. Maybe you were duped by a friend, a family member or simply attracted to the prospect of a quick healthy return; whatever the motivation, your money is gone and you are left with that sickening mixture of self-anger and anger against the con artist.

Perhaps you were the victim of identity theft. Your personal and confidential data was compromised, and someone took your information, opened credit cards, and charged thousands of dollars to your name.

We can make things right. We have experience litigating against such scam artists and will do everything allowable under the law to recover what was wrongfully taken from you and prevent your identity from further compromise. Examples of cases we have handled include:

  • Recovering investors' capital investment in fictitious real estate venture
  • Recovering individual's capital investment from expelled managers of LLC
  • Recovering client's proceeds withdrawn from joint account without authorization
  • Reversed fraudulent conveyance of real estate designed to avoid mortgage obligations of borrower
  • Reversed a denial of client's claim by a credit card company after thousands of dollars were charged in our client's name following identity theft

If you think you were the victim of fraud, don't wait. Contact us now. We can help.