Commercial Transactions and Litigation

The MAG MILE LAW Commercial Litigation Practice includes:

  • Business to business commercial disputes
  • Corporate entity disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Commercial tort/injury claims
  • Bankruptcy matters

Our clients range from small, one person proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies from all corners of the United States and Europe. We understand the processes and pitfalls of how business is done and know that, often times, the management of these complex disputes can be time consuming and expensive.

At Mag Mile Law, our goal is to win and to do so as efficiently and timely as possible. If settlement makes sense, we settle; however, if necessary we will try your case. We focus on the facts and the law and do what is needed. We do not litigate to simply bill the client and then work out a settlement.

We know that the business world is difficult enough. Our goal is to help businesses achieve their short and long term goals by working with them, as a team, help them stay ahead of the competition and deliver superior results. 

For all of your commercial litigation needs, contact the attorneys at Mag Mile Law for a free consultation.