Appellate Litigation

Handling an appeal can be a daunting task, even to the most experienced trial attorney. Because appellate litigation differs from trial practice in several ways, oftentimes trial lawyers and firms retain other firms with strong appellate practices to handle the appeal of their case.

Mag Mile Law is one of those appellate firms.

We know that the success or failure of an appeal can be significantly affected by the appellate brief. That brief must persuasively and coherently summarize the key facts of the case, identify the central issues, and explain how the trial court's decision is supported by, or is inconsistent with, the governing law. At oral argument, there is little time to tell your story to the appellate court panel. Rather, you must be ready to immediately and persuasively respond to questions on any aspect of the case which has piqued the interest of a member of the appellate panel.

Our appellate litigation team incorporates the skillset of multiple members of the firm: articulate advocates with the ability to calmly argue difficult issues before an appellate court panel and skilled legal researchers and writers who actually enjoy writing compelling appellate briefs. Our attorneys have the ability to critically analyze the facts and law of your case, write coherent and persuasive appellate briefs and, ultimately, effectively argue your case before appellate court judges. We are also trial attorneys, and that trial background puts us in a position to advise our clients on the practical results of trial error and to focus on the key issues on appeal, as opposed to arguing everything but the kitchen sink.

Our attorneys have substantial appellate experience, representing Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, local businesses and individuals in appellate courts throughout Illinois. We have represented both appellants and appellees (losers and winners below). We have successfully upheld and overturned trial court decisions. Examples of appellate cases we have handled include:

  • Court reversal of summary judgment entered against client in case involving liability assumption
  • Court affirming bench trial judgment in favor of client in unjust enrichment claim
  • Court affirming denial of attorney fee award in forced sale of taxicab medallions
  • Court affirming dismissal of lawsuit against client in significant property damage lawsuit
  • Court affirming dismissal of strict liability claim against client in personal injury lawsuit


We can work seamlessly and effectively with existing trial counsel who lack the desire or experience to handle the appeal, but want to stay involved. We offer a fresh new perspective of their case and another set of eyes to evaluate the record and determine which arguments offer the best chance of success.

Let us put our experience to work for you. If you think you might need an appellate attorney, please Contact us for more information.